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Biology (Biological Sciences)
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Lesley Harrington

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EXTERIORS PROK Cell Walls Semi­rigid structure;  Protection protection from hypertonic Shape ­Gram Positive ­Gram Negative ­Archaea Surface Layers Self­assembling protein  Protection in archaea crystal shells Capsules & Slime Layers Sticky film in organized  Protection (capsule) or unorganized  Attach to substrates (slime) pattern Sex Pilli 1 or few long protein tubes DNA transfer; Fertility  plasmid example Fimbrae Short protein tubes Attach to substrates/ other  cells (pathogenic); break  other cell walls EUK Protection + recognition Diatoms SiO2 shell Protection Yeast Chitin shell Protection Diagram: Cell Walls (plants) A strong structure, contains  1. Protection a secondary (outer) and a  2. Adhesion primary (inner) cell wall + a  3. Occlusion (nothing  middle lamina  in wrong place/  Support material for cell stuck) Plasmodesmata (cell wall in  Protein tubes in cell wall Help with recognition with  plants) other cells, communication ECM
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