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Chapter 7


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CLASSICS CHAPTER 7 POSEIDON, SEA DEITIES, GROUP DIVINITIES, AND MONSTERS POSEIDON - best known as great god of waters in general, the sea in particular. - was not the first or only such divinity - PONTUS (the "Sea") had been produced first by GE in the initial stages of creation. - two of the titans, OCEANUS and TETHYS, bore thousands of children, the OCEANIDS. - PONTUS mated with his mother, GE, and begat NEREUS, the endlest of his children, who was gentle, wise, and true, an old man of the sea with the gift of prophecy. - NEREUS mated with an Oceanid named DORIS, who bore him 50 daughters: THE NEREIDS. mermaids. - three notable Nereids were THETIS, GALATEA, AND AMPHITRITE. PELEUS AND THETIS THETIS was the one Prometheus knew was destined to bear a son mighter than his father, so Zeus had to not sleep with her. - Zeus learned this and avoided her. - she married instead a mortal named PELEUS. - thetis could shape shift and made it very hard for peleus - they were married with great pomp, though she later left him, and they bore ACHILLES, who was much mightier than his dad. ACIS, GALATEA, AND THE CYCLOPS POLYPHEMUS - GALATEA, another Nereid, was loved by the Cyclops POLYPHEMUS, a son of POSEIDON. *polyphemis is also the cyclops blinded by Odysseus in the Odyssey, for which poseidon is pissed off. - incongruous passion of boorish monster and delicate nymph. - she doesn't like POLYPHEMUS, she is in love wiht handsome sea nymph ACIS. Polyphemis laments. - POLYPHEMUS kills ACIS and he re-emerges as a river-god. POSEIDON AND AMPHITRITE - Nereid AMPHITRITE marries POSEIDON after much pursuit on poseidon's part. They end up with a marriage much like zeus and hera. - they have a son, TRITON, a merman and trumpeter (conch shell) - poseidon sleeps around. has twins by TYRO. twins are NELEUS and PELIAS, notable legendary figures with significant progeny. PROTEUS - sea divinity PROTEUS, of the older generation of gods, is often named as attendant of Poseidon or even as his Son. like NEREUS, he's a future seeing old man of the sea type who can shape shift. - lots of confusion among sea divinities and duplication of characteristics. easy to mix up NEREUS, PROTEUS, and TRITON. APPEARANCE AND CHARACTER OF POSEIDON - similar to brother Zeus: majestic, bearded, but poseidon is generally more severe and rought, to illustrate tempestuous nature. - he carries trident - by his nature, he is ferocious - he called "supporter of the earth" and "earthshaker" - god of earthquakes - his animal is the HORSE - his origins are disputed. he could have in earlier times been a god of the sky. or he could have once been a male spirit of fertility - a god of earth who sent up springs... which would fit with his horse association (and sometiems bulls). also explain why he mated with Demeter in the form of a stallion. she changed into a mare to escape him but
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