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Chapter 9


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Craig Taylor

CHAPTER 9: APHRODITE & EROS APHRODITE roman name: VENUS place: Cythera, Cyprus crucial distinction: APHRODITE URANIA - the aphrodite born from the foam after uranus is castrated and his balls thrown in the ocean. this is the ETHEREAL, PURE LOVE. APHRODITE PANDEMOS - this one sprung from Zeus and Dione, and it is the physical satisfaction goddess, profane love, Aphrodite of All the People, or Common Aphrodite. also called CYTHEREA, for her city. goddess of beauty, love, and marriage. worshipped universally in the ancient world, but differently in different places. ATTENDANTS OF APHRODITE ● GRACES (or CHARITES) ● HOURS (or SEASONS. horae) THE PHALLIC PRIAPUS - Fertility God, son of Aphrodite with questionable fatherhood. - depicted as deformed and bearing a huge and erect phallus - found in gardens and at the doors of houses. - part scarcrow, part bringer of luck, part guardian against thieves, so he has something in common with Hermes. - comic and obscene stories PYGMALION a man named Pygmalion makes a statue of a woman he names Galatea. he loves it so much and treats it like a real woman, showering it with gifts and love. then, on a holiday for aphrodite on her island, Crete, where he lives, he sacrfices to her and asks her to make Galatea real. it happens. they have a son named Paphos Paphos has a son named Cinyras Cinyras has a daughter named Myrrha Myrrha falls in love with her own father. her maid helps her seduce him Cinyras finds out he's slept with her and chases her and she prays for deliverance and is turned into a Myrrh tree. the tree gives birth to ADONIS APHRODITE & ADONIS most famous of her myths Adonis grows up to be the most handsome youth and keen hunter. Aphrodite fell madly in love with him at first sight. She warned him not to hunt anything that stood its ground. He did and was gored to death in the crotch by a wild boar (Ares animal) youth lost, taken in the flower of youth aphrodite mingles nectar with his blood and out springs the anemone flower. this is better illustrated in another story of adonis: APHRODITE puts infant ADONIS in a box and gives him to PERSEPHONE to keep safe
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