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Social Studies and Citizenship Education

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Education - Elementary
John Ewing

Definition Most Best way Classroom Types of Use of Role of Role of Type ofof good valued to learn organization Resources resourceTeacher student Assessment Citizen Knowledge s Cultural Someone Values Text Teacher Teachers Testing Teacher Passive Recall and Conservation who is and Books Orientated textbooks centeredknowretention passive beliefsorganized tests etc Textledge question law society teacher is book from and abiding holds core the focus driven teacher answer and loyal know Neutral and text to the ledge tested nation and ensure shares conformsocieties ity cultural values Discipline Approach Can apply DisciplineHands Linear Research DiscoveAssist Taking Discover discipline based on And Teacher ring students info and prebased knowledglearnstructured to using it determineknowledge e ing develop according d solutions and technito the to a methods ques of dictates of selected to solve a social the problem problems scientist teacher to that affect discover their lives the solution Solving Inquiry Participate OpenInteractive Teacher Solving Reallife Active Be given real life in social ended probledecision learning real life problems political continued ms
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