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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 Retailing Retailingall activities involved in selling renting and providing goodsservices to ultimate consumers for personal family or household useClassification 1 Form of Ownershipdistinguished retail outlets based on whether individuals corporate chains or contractual systems own the outlet 2 Level of Servicedegree of service provided to the customer by self limited and fullservice retailers 3 Merchandise Linehow many different types of products a store carries and in what assortmentForm of Ownership Independent Retailer 60owner can be own bosscan offer customers convenience quality personal service and lifestyle compatibility eg bakeries sporting goods jewellery gift stores etcCorporate Chainmultiple outlets under common ownershipcentralization in decision making and purchasinglarge chain can bargain with manufacturer to obtain good service or volume discountshigher buying powerconsumers benefit because there are multiple outlets with similar merchandise and policies eg Bay Zellers LoblawsContractual Systemindependently owned stores that band together like a chainretailersponsored cooperatives wholesalersponsored voluntary chains franchisestake advantage of volume discounts and give impression of being a large chainfranchisingenter wellknown established businessLevel of Service Self Servicecustomer performs many functions and little is provided by the outlet
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