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Chapter 16

Chapter 16- Integrated Marketing Communications and Direct Marketing.pdf

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Webb Dussome

Chapter 16 Integrated Marketing Communications and Direct Marketing Promotional Mixcombination of one or more of these communication tools including advertising personal selling sales promotion public relations and direct marketingIntegrated Marketing Communications IMC designing communications programs that coordinate all promotional activities to provide consistent message across all audiences and to maximize promotional budget and impactCommunication Process Communicationprocess of conveying a message to others and requiressourcecompany or person who has info to conveymessageinformation sent by a source to a receiver in the communications processchannel of communicationmeans of conveying message o salesperson advertising media public relations toolsreceiversconsumers who read hear or see the message encodingdecoding Encoding and Decoding Encoding process of having the sender transform an abstract idea into a set of symbols Decoding process of having the receiver take a set of symbols the message and transform them back into an abstract ideaown frame of reference attitudes beliefs valuesField of Experiencesimilar understanding and knowledgeto communicate effectively sender and receiver must share this Feedback Loop Response impact the message had on the receivers knowledge attitude or behaviours Feedback communication flow from the receiver back to the sender that helps the sender know whether the message was decoded and understood as intendedNoiseextraneous factors that can work against effective communication by distorting a message or the feedback received Eg printing mistake salesperson message misunderstood accent slang etcPromotional Elements 1 Advertising
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