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Chapter 17

Chapter 17- Advertising, Sales Promotions & Public Relations.pdf

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University of Alberta
Webb Dussome

Chapter 17 Advertising Sales PromotionsPublic Relations Advertisingany paid for of nonpersonal communication about an organization good or service or idea by an identified sponsorTypes 1 Productfocused on selling a good or service a Pioneering informationalinform target market tell people what the product is what it can do and where it can be found b Competitive persuasivepersuade target market to select firms brand over competitorspromote specific brands features and benefits ie Comparative advertising c Reminderreinforce previous knowledge of a productgood for products with wellrecognized position and in mature phase ie Reinforcement ad 2 Institutionalbuild goodwill or an image for an organization rather than promote a specific goodservice o build confidence in company name a Advocacystate the position of a company on an issue b Pioneering Institutionalannouncement of what a company is what it can do and where its located c Competitive Institutionalpromote advantages of one product class over anotherused in markets where different product classes compete for same buyers d Reminder Institutionalbring companys name to attention of target market again
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