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Chapter 18

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Webb Dussome

Chapter 18 Personal Selling and Sales Management Personal sellingtwoway flow of communication between a buyer and seller often F2F designed to influence a persons or groups purchase decisionHighly InsensitiveSales Managementplanning the selling program and implementing and controlling the personal selling effort of the firmsetting objectives organizing the salesforce recruiting selecting training compensating salespeople evaluation performance of individual salespeoplePersonal Selling Roles 1 Salespeople are critical link between firm and its customersmatch company interests with customer needs 2 Salespeople are the company in a consumers eyesrepresent what the company is or attempts to be and are often the only personal contact customer has with the company 3 Personal selling plays dominant role in firms marketing programCreating Customer ValueBeing close to the customersalespeople can identify creative solutions to customer problemseasing the customer buying processsalespeople who follow through after the saleRelationship sellingbuilding ties to customers based on a salespersons attention and commitment to customer needs over timeinvolved mutual respect and trust among buyers and sellerslongterm customers rather than onetime salePartnership selling enterprise sellingbuyers and sellers combine their expertise and resources to create customized solutions commit to joint planning share customer competitive and company information for mutual benefit ultimately the customerrelies on crossfunctional business specialists apply their knowledgeexpertise to achieve higher productivity lower cost and greater customer valueForms of Personal Selling 1 Order Takingprocesses routine orders or reorders for products that have already been sold by the companypreserve ongoing relationship with existing customers and maintain sales Types i Outside Order Takers
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