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Ischemic Stroke Cause vascular occlusion and significant hypoperfusion occur to a part of the brain due to a disruption of the blood supply resulting in loss of function1 Large Artery Thrombosis 20Ischemia and infarction result from thrombus formation and occlusion at the site of atherosclerotic plaques in the large blood vessels of the brain 2 Small Penetrating Artery Thrombosis 25 One or more blood vessels are affected and are also known as Lacunar strokes because of the cavity that is created once the infarcted brain tissue disintegrates3 Cardiogenic Embolic Stroke20 Originate from the heart and is associated with cardiac dysrhythmias atrial fibrillation Emboli dislodge from the heart into the circulation lodging into the cerebral vasculature most commonly the left middle cerebral artery 4 Cryptogenic 30 Idiopathic 5 Other strokes 5 from causes such as cocaine use coagulopathies migraines and carotid or vertebral artery spontaneous dissectionTransient Ischemic Attack TIA TIA is caused by thrombosis the only difference between a stroke and TIA is that with TIA the blockage is transient temporary TIA symptoms occur rapidly and last a relatively short time most lasting less than five minutes but the average is about a minute Neurological deficits will last less than 24 hours and when a TIA is over it usually causes no permanent injury to the brain A TIA is considered to be a warning sign for a strokePathophysiology Penumbra Region is the area of low cerebral blood flow around the area of infarction and can besalvaged with timely interventionThe release of more calcium and glutamate vasoconstriction and generation of free radicals enlarge the area of infarction into the penumbra extending the stroke
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