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Cultural Safety & Competence.pdf

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Cultural Sensitivity Cultureknowledge belief art morals customs laws acquired by humans as members of societyVisible and invisible characteristics Added in variations based on race nationality religion language physical characteristics geographyDisabilities gender social class physical appearance ideologies political views or sexual orientationEthnic culture has 4 basic characteristicsLearned from birth through language and socializationShared by members of the same cultural groupinternal sense and external perception of distinctivenessInfluenced by specific conditions related to environmental and technical factors and to the availability of resourcesDynamic and everchangingSubculture groups that function within a larger cultural groupEthnicity religion occupation shared disability or illness age gender sexual orientation geographic locationEthnicityshare a social and cultural heritageCultural pluralismpromote respect for the right of others to have different beliefs values behaviours and ways of life Cultural Relativism foster awareness and appreciation of cultural differences reject assumptions of superiority of one culture and adverts ethnocentrism EnculturationSocialization into ones primary culture during childhood AcculturationAdapting to and adopting characteristics of a new culture Assimilation Minority group gradually adopts the attitudes and customs of the mainstream culture MulticulturalismMany cultures coexist in society and maintain their cultural differences
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