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Chapter Article for L15

NU FS356 Chapter Article for L15: Prevention of Pediatric Obesity

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Nutrition and Food Sciences
NU FS356
Mazurak Vera

NUFS 356 Prevention of Pediatric Obesity Remember, gaining some weight during these years is normal but when you exceed the normal range this is when it becomes a risk for overweight and obesity. The prevention of pediatric obesity can take 2 forms: Primary: preventing any unhealthy weight gain among healthy weight children. Secondary: preventing any FURTHER weight gain among children who already have overweight or obesity. Once we have determined the nature of the prevention we have to decide how we are going to communicate the message to the individual as well as their support system. There are 2 common ways: 1. Gainframed: as the name suggests we talk about what they have to gain from the changes. To influence these changes, we discuss the importance of fruits and vegetables by sharing the facts. 2. Lossframed: this is a form of communication that makes them think about what they will lose if they dont change. In other words, we are scaring them into making the change. If you dont lose x pounds in 3 weeks you are going to develop CVD. What Is Important to Track Change? Lifestyle components such as nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behavior are the most important. We should have a good idea how much time is being spent in front of a screen and total sedentary time. Sleep is also an important factor. A Snapshot of Right Now Right now, less than half of kids and teens are meeting the recommendation for fruit and vegetable intake. These foods are high in water and fiber so they are good for providing satiety. There are more
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