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Feb 4 – Protein Vegan Diets • Vegetarianism: restricting the diet to foods of plant origin • There are many versions of vegetarianism • There are many reasons to adopt a vegan diet Why Vegetarianism? People chose vegetarianism for: • Health benefits • Ecological reasons • Religious reasons • Ethical reasons • Concerns over food safety Health Benefits of Vegetarianism • Lower intake of fat and total energy • Lower blood pressure • Reduce the risk of heart disease • Reduce the risk of some types of cancer • Fewer digestive problems Challenges of Vegetarianism Vegetarian diets can be low in some vitamins and minerals • Vitamin B12 • Vitamin D • Riboflavin • Iron • Calcium • Zinc Challenges of a Vegetarian Diet • Vegetarians must plan a balanced and adequate diet • Vegetarians should include complementary proteins or use soy products as a complete protein source • Vegetarians should use a vegetarian food guide pyramid to design their diet Protein Energy Malnutrition • Protein-energy malnutrition (PEM): a disorder caused by inadequate intake of protein and energy There are 2 common forms: • Marasmus • Kwashiorkor Marasmus • Marasmus is severely inadequate intakes of protein, energy, and other nutrients Marasmus symptoms include: • Severe wasting of muscle tissue • Stunted physical growth • Stunted brain development • Anemia • Fluid and electrolyte imbalances Kwashiorkor • Kwashiorkor is a disease resulting from extremely low protein intake in early weaning, complicated by infections Kwashiorkor symptoms include: • Some weight loss and muscle wasting • Edema resulting in distention of the belly • Retarded growth and development • Skin sores and brittle hair Protein Energy Malnutrition PEM can affect kids and adults in all countries In Canada: • Those in poverty in inner cities or isolated rural areas • Elderly (living alone) • Homeless • People with eating disorders • Drug or alcohol addiction • People living with AIDs or cancer Genetic Diseases Some genetic diseases can result in protein abnormalities The genetic diseases include: • Phenylketonuria • Sickle cell anemia • Cystic fibr
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