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March 4 – Ch11 – maintaining a healthy body weight What is a healthy body weight? A healthy body weight • Is appropriate for your age • Is maintained without constant dieting • Is acceptable to you • Is based on family history of body shape and weight • Promotes good eating habits and allows for regular physical activity • Underweight: having too little body fat to maintain health • Overweight: having a moderate amount of excess body fat • Obesity: having an excess of body fat that adversely affects health Evaluating Body Weight A persons actual weight isn’t the only factor to consider Determining if a person’s body weight is healthy should include: • Determining the body mass index (BMI) • Measuring body comp • Assessing the pattern of fat distribution BMI • Expresses the ratio of a person’s weight to the square of their height • BMI = weight (kg)/height (m)^2 • BMI values below 18.5 or above 30 have increased risks of health problems Limitations of the BMI The BMI is not appropriate for those who are • High in muscle mass • Under 18 years old • Pregnant or nursing • Over 65 years old • In certain ethnic and racial groups Body Compositions Measurement of body fat and lean muscle mass Can be measured by: • Underw
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