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Chapter Article for L12

NUTR480 Chapter Article for L12: Very Low Calorie Diets

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Heidi Bates

NUFS 380 – Very Low Calorie Diets To be categorized in these diets need to cut intakes to less than one half of the dieters predicted needs. The main goal is to keep the calories aka energy low. Like other fad diets this results in liberation of water from glycogen stores. The food options include watery veggies, some grains and very small portions of milk and meat. There is no added fats, nuts or seeds allowed. As a result, the intake of energy is far below what is needed to maintain weight. The deficit along with the loss of water attached to glycogen there is a reduction in body fat and lean body mass (LBM). The reason we are losing glycogen is because the body is attempting to fill the deficit with its stored energy, similar to a diet low in carbohydrates. What Does This Mean for Sport Performance? The muscles glycogen has been decreased and that means that the athlete’s coordination, training responses and muscle strength are also decreased. It is an important note that the athlete’s irritability will be increased as well (this is literally due to them being Hangry). The risk of fatigue and loss of LBM is much higher because there is less intake of essential nutrients due to the limitation of their food intake. These types of eating behaviors increases th
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