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Chapter Article for L12

NUTR480 Chapter Article for L12: L12 - Novelty and Premeasured diets

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Heidi Bates

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NUFS 380 – Novelty and Pre-measured Diets Novelty diets are those eating plans that emphasize one food or a food group and exclude almost all of the others. These diets promote certain nutrients, food and compotation of foods that have unique or magical qualities that have not been previously discovered. The emphasis on certain foods means the diet is not balanced and can lead to malnutrition and deficiencies. These diets are unrealistic because the food chances do not promote everyday healthy eating habits. These unrealistic food choices are also common in leading to the issue of bingeing. These diets come and go from popularity real quickly. It is important to think of the pros and cons because there could be GI distress from excessive intake of specific foods. Examples of these diets on the market include:  Fit for Life  Cabbage Soup Die
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