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PEDS100 Chapter Notes -Basal Lamina, Epithelium, Salivary Gland

Physical Education and Sport
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Gail Amort- Larson

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-4 primary tissue types: Epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue, neural
Epithelial Tissue:
cover exposed surfaces
line internal passageways and chambers
produce glandular secretions
Cellularity: cells bound closely by cell junctions, little or no space between cells
Polarity: Apical surface(free surface) Basal surface uneven distribution of
cytoplasmic components and organelles between exposed and attached surfaces
Attachment: basal surface of epithelium is bound to thin basal lamina(complex
structure produced by epithelium and underlying connective tissue. Anchors
organs(tissue) lowest level of attachment for a structure)
Avascularity: Don’t contain blood vessels, obtain nutrients by diffusion & osmosis
Arranged into sheets or layers:composed of a sheet of cells,one or more layer thick
Regeneration: damaged or lost cells at surface are continually replaced
Functions :
Provide physical protection from bacteria, trauma
Control permeability
Provide sensation, innervated by sensory neurons
Produce specialized secretions: gland cells produce secretions, scattered among
other cell types
Epithelial maintenance and renewal is self-perpetuated, constantly losing cells off
your skin, regenerated by stem cell division
Classification of Epithelia:
By # of layers:
-Simple Epithelium: one layer of cells covering basal lamina
-Stratified Epithelium: 2 or more layers of cells above basal lamina
By Shape: *Always identify shape of tissue by outermost layer*
-Squamous Epithelium: very narrow, thin
-Simple Squamous:very thin, part of eyes, alveoli of lungs, absorption
-Stratified Squamous: Surface of skin, were mechanical stresses are severe
-Cuboidal Epithelia: equal sides, appear square, nucleus is near center
-Simple Cuboidal Epithelium: filtration, kidney tubule
-Stratified Cuboidal Epithelium: sweat glad duct
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