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PEDS100 Chapter Notes -Extensor Hallucis Longus Muscle, Extensor Digitorum Longus Muscle, Peroneus Tertius

Physical Education and Sport
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Gail Amort- Larson

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Muscles of leg that move Foot
-anything between the malleoli anteriorly dorsiflexes, anything between them
posteriorly plantar flex
-anything going laterally everts, anything going medially invert.
Anterior Compartment: all muscles except tibialis anterior originate on fibula and
interosseus membrane
-Dorsiflexes ankle
Tibialis anterior: prominent
O: Lateral condyle and proximal shaft of tibia
I: Base of first metatarsal bone and medial cuneiform
A: Dorsiflexion at ankle, inversion of foot
Extensor hallucis longus: palpable only on top of foot, not in shin area
O: Anterior surface of fibula
I: Superior surface, distal phalanx of great toe
A: Extension at joints of great toe, dorsiflexes ankle
Extensor digitorum longus:
O: Anterior surface of fibula, Lateral condyle of tibia,
I: Superior surfaces of phalanges, toes 2-5
A: Extension of toes 2-5, dorsiflexes ankle
Peroneus tertius dorsi: (tertius means 3) Peroneus muscles are only evertors of
A: flexes and everts the foot
Lateral Compartment
Peroneus (fibularis) longus:
-tendon crosses deep in sole of foot to 1st metatarsal
O: Fibula
I: 1st metatarsal
A: (strong evertor), plantar flexion
Peroneus (fibularis) brevis:
-assists the longus
O: Fibula
I: 5th metatarsal
A: Everts foot, plantar flexion
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