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PEDS100 Chapter Notes -Biceps Femoris Muscle, Greater Sciatic Notch, Lumbar Plexus

Physical Education and Sport
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Gail Amort- Larson

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Nerves of Lower Extremity
-Spinal Nerves: 31 pairs of spinal nerves originate from the spinal chord:
all are mixed (m/s) nerves
thousands of fibers per spinal nerve
each pair serves a particular region of the body
each pair also provides some service to the region supplied by the spinal nerve
above it and the spinal nerve below it (redundancy)
*-Lumbar Plexus: Along side of first four lumbar vertebrae. Anterior rami of spinal
nerves L1-L4, some T12 fibers.
Innervate structures of lower abdomen, anterior and medial portions of lower
Lumbar trunk made of L3-L5
Two main nerves: Femoral, obturator
-Femoral Nerve: Sensory innervation to anterior and lateral thigh, medial leg and
Motor innervation to anterior muscles of thigh
Includes iliopsoas, sartorius, and quadriceps femoris group
-Obturator Nerve: Sensory innervation to medial thigh. Motor innervation to
adductor muscles of thigh. Goes through obturator foramen
-Sacral Plexus: Immediately inferior to lumbar plexus. Anterior rami of spinal nerves
L4, L5, S1-S4
Innervates lower back, pelvis, perineum, posterior thigh and leg, dorsal and plantar
surfaces of foot
-Sciatic Nerve(part of sacral plexus): Largest nerve of body. Passes from pelvis
through greater sciatic notch to posterior thigh. Composed of tibial and common
fibular nerves
-Tibial nerve: Forms medial and lateral plantar nerves on sole of foot. sensory
innervation to calf of leg, plantar surface of foot.
*Motor innervation to posterior thigh., leg muscles, and intrinsic muscles of foot
Common Fibular Nerve: Branches into deep(anterior) and superficial(posterior)
fibular nerves. sensory innervation to anterior and lateral leg and dorsum of foot
wraps around head of fibula
deep to biceps femoris muscle
Motor innervation to anterior and lateral muscles of leg and foot
-Posterior sciatic
Cardiovascular system of the Lower Extremity
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