Chapter 4 - Movement Production And Motor Programs

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Physical Education and Sport
Adrian Popescu

Oct 13 Chapter 4 Movement Production and Motor ProgramsMotor Program y DoFall components of a control system that can vary independently level of analysis y Challengecontrol DoF for effective movements y What it is that sensory info is modifying Closedloop control system y Motor program openloop control systemMotor Programsy A set of motor commands y Prestructured at the executive level y Containing essential details of a skilled action y Once learned LTM retrieved and prepared STM y Attention can be used for other otherorder activities ex Dribbling in basketball while looking to passOpenLoop Control System y Openloop controlinvolves the use of centrally determined prestructured commands sent to the effector system and executed without feedbackCharacteristics of OpenLoop y Advanced instructions sequence and timing y No feedback reflexive y Inflexible to unexpected changesy No in progress modification y Tasks rapid discrete predictable environment y General examples will be ballistic skills Bouncing a ball will involve both open and closed loop feedback Practice will improve motor programs Lines Of Evidence For MPs y RT and Movement complexity henry and Rogers
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