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Physical Education and Sport
Scott Forbes

Losing Weight 3500 kcal = 1 lb of body weight Example of how the body deals with positive energy balance: 1. You consume an extra chocolate-chip cookie (~100 kcal/ea) every day for 40 y. 2. The number of extra kcals you would consume would be ~1.5 million 100 kcals x 365 d x 40 y =1,460,000 kcals 3. Assume 3500 kcal/pound body wt and you would estimate weight gain to be 417 pounds in 40 years. 1,460,000 kcals  3500 kcals/pound = 417 pounds 4. In reality, if you ate these extra kcals you would probably only gain ~ 6 pounds of weight. Factors Regulating and Influencing Energy Balance Environment and lifestyle, cognition, reward, choice, mood, stress, genetics and early life events Energy Intake • Total kcal/day • Composition of diet • Satiety issues • Amount and type of fiber • Type of foods (energy density) • Timing of intake related to PA • Current weight and body comp • Hormonal control of appetite, fat deposition All these EI factors play a role on nutrient sensors in the muscle, liver, fat and gut which all report to the brain Nutrient sensors in the muscle,liver, fat, and gut all have an effect on energy expenditure Energy Expenditure • Resting Metabolic Rate • Activities of Daily Living • Programmed PA • Intensity of PA • Body comp • Total EI and comp of kcals • Genetics • Futile energy cycles Studies of monozygotic twins showed that variability of BMI is 2.3 due to genetics Athlete who wants to lose weight • Coach and training play big roll; changing training is difficult • Diet needs to play a bigger role • Need less fluctuation in weight in and weight out to manage weight effectively • Need time for weight change • Need supportive environment • See what athlete is willing to change Athlete wa
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