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Chapter 1

PSYCH104 - Ch. 1 - History of Psychology pt. 2

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Blaine Mullins

Psychology 104 Chapter 1 The HISTORY of psychology Advances in physiologyHippocrates separates medicine from religionHippocrates Gall phrenologyhead bumps Flourens animal brain surgeriesBroca damage to specific part of brain impaired a specific mental functionH G F Bbrain not heart produces behaviour Santiago Ramon y Cajal discovers neuronHelmholtz nerve impulses not instantaneousPhysiology to Psychology A New Science Born in Germany physiology study of biological processes especially in human bodymethods developed in this field to measure speed of nerve impulses etc this work could translate into methods for measuring mental abilities psychology was going to become a science Helmholtz 182194 1 Herman Vonnexperiment dev method for measuring speed of nerve impulses in a frogs legtrained participants to respond when he applied a stimulussensory input from the environment to dif parts of leg recorded their reaction timeamount of time taken to respond to specific stimulus found that mental processes did not occur instantaneouslyestimated length of time it takes a nerve impulse to travel to the brain
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