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University of Alberta
Deanna Singhal

Divisions of Biopsychology Physiological SO: neural mechanisms of behaviour Mostly lab animals: More pure Study contributions of hippocampus Psychology through invasive, direct manipulation of surgical and electrical research: to memory by surgically removing the brain in controlled experiments methods of brain emphasis on the hippocampus in rats and manipulation theories than assessing ability to perform various practical benefits memory tasks Psycho- SO: effects of drugs on brain and Animals and humans Mostly applied: Improve memory of Alzheimer’s pharmacology behaviour therapeutic drugs patients by administering drugs that or reduce drug increase the levels of the abuse neurotransmitter Acetylcholine Neuro- SO psychological effects of brain damage Humans: almost The most applied: Shown that patients with alcohol psychology in human patients  looking at individuals exclusively case studies always about produced brain damage have who have suffered disease, stroke, etc and quasi-experimental benefiting a patient particular difficulty in remember that have created damage studies because of ethical recent events concerns - Focused on cerebral cortex, because it is most likely damaged by accidents or surgery or disease - look at their deficits and make relationship between damage and impaired cognitive processes Psycho-
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