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Chapter 1

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Karsten Loepelmann

Behavior modification: Chapter 1  Defining Human Behavior: • Behavior: what we do or say. There are many characteristics that define behavior. It need not have all these 5 characteristics to be considered behavior. o Involves a person’s action (what people say or do); describe with action verbs. Instead of saying “he is angry” (not behavior) you can Describe (his action) when he is angry. o Can be measured in different physical ways. Frequency (# of times it occurs), duration (period that behavior lasts), intensity (physical force in behavior), can measure speed or latency of behavior. o It is action so it can be observed. Because it observed it can described and record. o Has an impact on physical or social environment (other people and ourselves) whether we observed or not (i.e. touch switch, light goes off). o It is lawful (its occurrence is influenced by our environmental events). Thus if you understand which events in the environment effect behavior, we can change the environment to get desirable behavior (E.g.Autism kid disruptive behavior is inversely related to teacher’s attention) o Can be Overt ( observable and recorded) or Cohort (thoughts only observed by you)  Defining Behavior Modification (BMOD) • BMOD: involves analyzing ( identify relationship between environment and behavior) and modifying( implanting procedures to change behavior and involves changing the environment) behavior  Characteristics of BMOD • Focus on behavior not the label. (I.e. autism which is a label, rather focus on behavior these children produce). Target behavior: behavior to be modified. Behavioral excess (undesirable behavior that you want to decrease) and Behavioral deficit ( desirable target behavior that you don’t do enough of) • Procedure based on behavioral principals ( i.e. those that have be discovered while researching in the lab). Behavior analysis: Is the scientific study of behavior. Applied behavior analysis (similar to BMOD): scientific study of behavior to help people change behavior in meaningful ways. • Emphasis on current ( not the past) environment: look for the controlling variable (things in the environment that have the effect on behavior) and change these variables
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