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University of Alberta
Douglas Wylie

Appendix Signal detection theory A signal detection experiment - Psychophysical procedure such as the method of constant stimuli o At least 5 different stimulus intensities are presented and stimulus is presented on every trial - Signal detection only uses low intensity tones that are difficult to hear - Present a tone on some trials and not on others - Thus a signal detection experiment different from a classical psychophysical experiment in two ways o Only one stimulus intensity is presented o On some of the trials, no stimulus is presented - Hit: saying yes when a stimulus is present - Miss: saying no when a stimulus is present - Alarm: saying yes when there is no stimulus - Correct rejection: saying no when there is no stimulus - Low criterion says yes a lot - Payoffs: motivation, way to change the percentage of hits and false alarms - Receiver operating characteristics: the curve of responses of a person under differing payoffs - ROC curve shows that factors other than sensitivity to the stimulus determine a persons response - If two peoples ROC curve are identical,
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