PSYCO333 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Gordon Allport, Applied Psychology

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24 Jul 2016
Chapter 1 Text Notes
Describing personality: general  specific
Psychologists often think of personality abstractly
Personality is hard to define
o1. Consistency/Continuity
Across time
Similar situations
Different situations
o2. Comes from within
^ These 2 allow you to predict behaviour
o3. Summarize behaviour
Gordon Allport: Personality definition
oHas processes (dormant)
oPsychological + physical
oCausal force
oHas individualized patterns
oExpressed in behaviour, thoughts, feelings
Two Fundamental Themes
1. Individual differences exist (why? Why do they matter?)
2. Intrapersonal functioning (of processes) (How and why do they work?)
oCalled “dynamic organization” of systems
oThe same processes are engaged even if results are different in different situations
A person’s actions (studying, eating, socializing, sleeping) differ but all
come from motives that vary in strength over time
Different personality approaches value the themes differently
= summary statement, principle(s)
= ideas about how to think of events
2 purposes:
o1. To explain
Deduce that truth/evidence what the cause may be
o2. Suggest possibilities / Predict new info (subtle, difficult)
Broad concept  broad theory  hard to predict outcomes
Bias: theories should be testable
Freud: father of personality psych
Theories suggest predictions for research, which suggests changes in theories. . . (on
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