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Chapter 15

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University of Alberta
Alison Dunwoody

CHAPTER 15: SOCIAL CHANGE AND THE ENVIRONMENT Changing the World­ One Campus at a Time Collect donations for local food banks, clothing for women's shelters, and books for their counterparts overseas Create positive space for their diverse communities and form alliances across socially constructed boundaries Global Social Change computer revolution and the explosion of Internet connectivity; the collapse of communism; major regime changes and severe economic disruptions in Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe; the spread of AIDS; the first verification of the cloning of a complex animal, Dolly the sheep; and the first major terrorist attack on North American soil face global challenges including international terrorism, skyrocketing energy costs, and global warming Sociology helps us to understand our changing world by paying attention both to the large-scale, or macro, shifts that alter the basic landscape of society and the relationships among groups, and to the small-scale, or micro, changes in social interaction we have the power to change society by altering the choices we make. Of course, some people, due to their control over valued resources, have more power than do others. Sociological Perspectives on Social Change continually innovate and experiment, developing new technologies, ideas Each of these represents an example of social change, which involves significant alteration over time in behaviour patterns and culture. Canadian population has more than doubled, the percentage of people finishing high school and attending college or university has skyrocketed, women have entered the paid labour force in significant numbers, life expectancy has risen, In our global, interdependent world, there is no reason to suspect that such changes will cease, and many future changes will be difficult to predict. EVOLUTION OF SOCIETIES Darwin's approach stresses a continuing progression of successive generations of life forms as they adapt to their environment. For example, human beings c
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