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Chapter 5

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Alison Dunwoody

Chapter 5 Video: Young Kids, Hard Time At the time these details were posted on eClass, the video was available through the Top Documentary Films website and YouTube. • Wabash Valley Correctional Facility o Young adolescence are treated in prison like adults o Contains a cell block of 53 kids o Kids are separated from the adult ward  goes to school there too o Once the children reaches 18, they have to be transferred to the adult wards o Young adults tried as adults usually have a higher recidivism rate – US Supreme Court o In 22 states, including District of Columbia, states that children as young as 7 years old can be tried as adults o • Colt Lundy o Sentenced to 25 years in prison + 5 years probation o Portrayed as a cold-blooded killer in the news o Conspiracy for shooting to commit death to his step-father o • Miles o Started smoking weed at 11 and then started drinking o Sentenced for 36 years for felony robbery and other charges o Attempted to hang himself but was resuscitated by the police o Believed nothing could have stopped him from committing crimes other than getting sent to prison o • Robert Biller o Sentenced 3 months for getting in trouble just to see his brother who was in the ward already o His brother is now in the adult block o Started getting in trouble at 9 years old, was sent to juvenile detention and ended up liking it o Threatened a police office
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