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University of Alberta
Peter Hooper

`S`_`U_ S^` ^WWS` W^ZYS`S S\`W^WbWZZVW^_`SZVZYSZV[ZW__ WSZV[ O S` _ `ST[a`USZUW[a`U[ W_TW ZY^SZV[ `S` SW_^SZV[ _WWU` [Z_WW XS ^c[` ZY_ 4 [T[VUSZYaW__`W[a`U[ WTWX[^W `S\\WZ_ 4 WZcWcSZ`` ZY_`[TWXS ^a_aS_[ WaZVW^ ZY_W`[X[a`U[ W_ c TWW]aS WS`[aY Z SZYS W__[ WU[ T ZS` [Z_[X [a`U[ W_S^W [^W W`SZ[`W^_ O S \W 4 UWSV_ [^`S _ 4 \SU[ Z![W_`W[a`U[ W S`U[a^U[ UW V[aZ[cTWX[^W X \\ ZY`WU[ ZcW`W^[^Z[` `c[aV S`U O `S` _` U SZ_V[Z#`` Z[X^SZV[ ZW__S_`WSZZ[ ZY`WZVWZU[X` ZY_`[TW aZ\^WV U`STW[^S\S$S^V O `S` _` U SZ_a_W^SZV[ ZW__S_S`[[ O a``^a^SZV[ bSaW_S^W_a^\^ _ ZYS^V`[YW`& '`_[`S_W ZYSZV[ O '`__a^\^ _ ZYV XX Ua``[YWZW^S`W^SZV[ bSaW_WbWZcWZ`W#^WW]aS W O [ \a`W^_SbWTWU[ WS\[\aS^cS`[YWZW^S`W^SZV[ Za TW^_ 4 bWZ`[aY`W[X`WZV[ aUTW``W^`SZa SZ_U[ \a`W^_USZ#` YWZW^S`W`^a^SZV[ Za TW^_W `W^ 4 ZUWU[ \a`W^_X[[c\^[Y^S _`W^SZV[ Za TW^_cWYW`X^[ U[ \a`W^_S^W^WS\_WaV[^SZV[ 4 [^`aZS`W\_WaV[^SZV[ bSaW_S^WY[[VWZ[aYX[^ [_`\a^\[_W_ O W^WS^WcS_`[YWZW^S`W^SZV[ Za TW^__[`S``WS^WT[`W]aS W SZV`^a^SZV[ O WTW_`cS_cWZ[c`[YWZW^S`WVS`S`S`Y bWSXS ^SZVSUUa^S`W\ U`a^W[X`W c[^V^W[Z^SZV[ ZW__SZV`WcS_ Zc UcWV^ScU[ZUa_ [Z_X^[ `[_W VS`SVW\WZV[Z`W^SZV[ ZW__`[[ ^SU` USSZV[ ZW__ O WZWWVSZ `S` [Z[XS^WS\^[UW___[cWUSZ SZ \aS`WSZVU[Z`^[ ` O 'Z_[^`cWS^WY[ ZY`[_ aS`W^WS ` aS` [Z O W_W]aWZUW[XWbWZ`_cWcSZ``[ ZbW_` YS`W _USWVS`^ S O WTS_ UTa V ZYT[U[XS_ aS` [Z _USWVSU[ \[ZWZ` O W^WS^W_WbWZ_`W\_`[S_ aS` [Z 4 'VWZ` X`WU[ \[ZWZ``[TW^W\WS`WV 4 \S Z[c[ac [VW`WU[ \[ZWZ`#_[a`U[ W 4 `S`WUWS^cS``W^W_\[Z_WbS^ STW _ 4 \S Z[c[ac U[ T ZW`WU[ \[ZWZ`_ Z`[S`^ S`[ [VW`W ^W_\[Z_WbS^ STW 4 aZ_WbW^S`^ S_ 4 [WU`SZV_a S^ $W`W^W_a`_[XS`W`^ S_ 4 `S`W[a^U[ZUa_ [Z S`SZ)[^[ZY O [Z#`[bW^_`S`W[a^US_W 4 WcS^W[XU[ZXa_ ZYcS`^WSS\\WZ_c `cS`S_ aS` [Z_aYYW_`_ Y`S\\WZ O [VW[a`U[ WUSZUW_SUUa^S`W 4 U[ [Z _`SW ZU[Z_`^aU` ZYS_ aS` [Z _`[SV[\`S_`^S`WY`S` SS\\WS^`[\^[VaUW`W^ Y` ZV[X^W_a`_ O aZWZ[aY`^ S_ 4 aS` [Z _UWS\SZVXS ^WS_`[V[ S\`W^cWbWS\Wa^bW_ SUY^[aZV O [ SWVWU _ [Z_cWZWWV`[Y[TW[ZV`WVS`SS`SZVSZV`[`Wc[^VS`S^YW O [W`#_ ZbW_` YS`W`^WW S*[^ VWS_`S`c S[ca_`[ SW` __`^W`U 'VWSZWS ZWS S^`[X`W[W O WX ^_` VWS _`[V^ScS_S \W 4 W#V W`[Z[cST[a`SZWZ` ^W\[\aS` [Z[X ZV b VaS_Ta`WS Z ZY S[X`W _a_aS \^SU` US XZ[` \[__ TW 4 W_W``WX[^WS Z ZYS_ SW^Y^[a\[X ZV b VaS_S_S \W_WWU`WV X^[ `W\[\aS` [Z -[c`[[[_WS)[[V S \W O S \ ZY W`[V_`S`T`W ^ZS`a^W`WZV`[[bW^.[^aZVW^.W \S_ $W_[ W US^SU`W^ _` U_[X`W\[\aS` [ZS^W_S V`[TWT S_WV 4 S_ _`WTSZW[X_S \ ZY`W[ZW` ZYST[bWS`[Sb[ V 4 W^W _a_aSZ[cS`[X ST S_WV_S \WSZVZ[cS`[_SbSYWa_WXa ZX[^ S` [ZX^[ ` O WTW_`cS`[Sb[ VT S_ _`[_WWU` ZV b VaS_X[^`W_S \WS`^SZV[ 4 WbSaW[XVW TW^S`W Z`^[VaU ZY^SZV[ ZW__ _[ZW[X`WY^WS`W_` Z_ Y`_[X_`S` _` U_ 'VWSc[SZV[ $W O SZV[ $S` [ZUSZ\^[`WU`[aSYS Z_`XSU`[^_`S`[aZ[cS^W Z`WVS`S 4 '`USZS_[W\\^[`WU`SYS Z_`XSU`[^_[aS^WZ[`WbWZScS^W[X O SZV[ $ ZY\^[`WU`_a_X^[ `W ZXaWZUW_[XS`WXWS`a^W_[X[a^\[\aS` [Z WbWZ[ZW_cW SZ[`SbW`[aY`ST[a` 4 SZV[ $ ZY SW__a^W`S`[Z`WSbW^SYW`W_S \W[[_ W`W^W_` [X`W\[\aS` [Z O [`[ZV[W_^SZV[ $ ZY\^[`WU`a_X^[ T S_ `SU`aS SW_ `\[__ TWX[^a_ `[V^Sc ZXW^WZUW_ST[a``W\[\aS` [ZcWZcW_WW[ZS_S \W O aU ZXW^WZUW_S^WS [ZY`W [_`\[cW^Xa` ZYcWUSZV[ Z_`S` _` U_ O a`^W W TW^ `_S SVW\[__ TWTWUSa_WcWVW TW^S`WU[[_W` ZY_ ^SZV[ 'VWS^WW'`#_`WS \W $W O -[cS^YWS^SZV[ _S \WV[cWZWWVX[^`W_S \W`[TW^WS_[ZST ^W\^W_WZ`S` bW[X`W\[\aS` [Z O '`#_`W_ $W[X`W_S \WZ[``W_ $W[X`W\[\aS` [Z`S` SW_`WV XXW^WZUW Z _S \ ZY 4 UW\` [Z'X`W\[\aS` [Z __ SWZ[aYSZV`W_S \W _ [^W`SZ 1[X`Wc[W\[\aS` [Z`W\[\aS` [Z_ $WUSZ S``W^ O WX^SU` [Z[X`W\[\aS` [Z`S`[a#bW_S \WVV[W_Z#` S``W^!'`#_`W_S \W _ $W `_WX`S`#_ \[^`SZ` [W_WZ_a_ SWWZ_W O T[`W^VW`W^ Z ZY`W^ Y`_S \W_ $W O [aVZ#` `TWTW``W^`[*a_` ZUaVWWbW^[ZWSZV_S \W `WWZ` ^W\[\aS` [Z 4 aUS_\WU S_S \W _USWVSUWZ_a_! O W^WS^W\^[TW _c ``S ZYSUWZ_a_ 4 '`USZTWV XX Ua``[U[ \W`WSUWZ_a_`W^WScS__WW `[TW ZV b VaS_ c[S^WS^V`[[US`W[^S^V`[ WS_a^W 4 [\aS` [Z_^S^W_`SZV_` !bWZ X[aU[aV`SWSUWZ_a_`W\[\aS` [Z USZYW_c W[ac[^_[ `_ZWbW^\[__ TW`[YW`S\W^XWU` WS_a^W 4 S ZYSUWZ_a_ STW [^WU[ \W`SZ_S \ ZY W\^W_WZ`S` bWS \W O WV^Sc_S \W_TWUSa_WcWUSZ#`c[^c ``WWZ` ^W\[\aS` [Z! 4 WZWWV`[TW_a^W`S``W_`S` _` U_cWU[ \a`WX^[ `W_S \
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