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Peter Hooper

`S`_`U_ ^[` WS`SS`SZV [` W[^VS`S^YW S\`W^Y`WWZS \ZY_`^Ta`[Z [VW_ [WW`WWSb [^[XS\W ^[\[^` [Z_ O S`W^`SZ_[c ZY^WS^W\WS`WV_S\W_ SY ZWcS`c[aVS\\WZ XcWcW^W `[SU`aSV^ScSZ_S\W_ O [c SY ZWcS`c[aVS\\WZ XcW[[WVS``W_S\W\^[\[^` [Z_X[^`W_W _S\W_ O W _`[Y^ScWVYW` XcWU[aV_WWS`W\^[\[^` [Z_X^[S\[__ TW_S\W_ _USWV`W_S\ ZYV _`^ Ta` [Z[X`W\^[\[^` [Z_ O 2S`c[aV`W _`[Y^S[XS`W_S\W\^[\[^` [Z_[[ W WS\ ZY _`^ Ta` [Z[XS\W ^[\[^` [Z_ O 2Wc[aVW\WU``W _`[Y^S[X`W_S\W\^[\[^` [Z_`[UWZ`W^S``W`^aW \^[\[^` [Z\ Z`W\[\aS` [Z O _S\W_`S`cWV VZ`^WSV^ScY[W_cWUSZ_ aS`WSTaZU[X^SZV[ O ``a^Z_[a``S``W _`[Y^S _aZ [VS_W`^ USZVUWZ`W^WVS`\ O [^W_\WU X US `_SZSS ZYSZVX[^`aZS`WXSU``S`S[^S[VW _!a_``W ^ Y`[ZWX[^`W _`[Y^S[X_S\W\^[\[^` [Z_ O [VW ZY[c_S\W\^[\[^` [Z_bS^X^[_S\W`[_S\W _[ZW[X`W[_` \[cW^Xa VWS_cW_WW Z` _U[a^_W" O _S\ZYV_`^Ta`[Z[VWX[^[cS_S\W\^[\[^` [ZbS^ W_X^[_S\W`[ _S\WS[c_a_`[]aSZ` X`S`bS^ S` [ZSZV[c W ` _`S`cWV[T_W^bWS _S\W\^[\[^` [Z ZSZ\S^` UaS^ Z`W^bS" O [a_WS[^S[VWcWZWWV`[_\WU X `_WSZSZV_`SZVS^VVWb S` [Z"2W \a``WWSZ[X`W[^SS`\" O 2WZc[^ ZYc `\^[\[^` [Z_Z[c ZY`WWSZSa`[S` USY bW_a_`W _`SZVS^VVWb S` [ZS_cW`W_`SZVS^VVWb S` [ZcWc a_W _ 56 3 O [`WV _`^ Ta` [Z[X`W_S\W\^[\[^` [Z_ _[VWWVc `S\^[TST `[VW `S` _ 56 [email protected] 3 O \ U`a^W[XcS`cW!a_`V _Ua__WV _S_X[[c_ O WUSa_WcWSbWS[^S[VWX[^WS\WcWZ[c`S`%'[X[^S V _`^ Ta`WVbSaW_S^Wc ` Z`c[_`SZVS^VVWb S` [Z_[X`WWSZ" O [cW_[aVZ[`TW_a^\^ _WV X%'[XbS^ [a_\[_YSbW^W_a`_`S`cW^WZWS^ `WWSZTa`bS^ WVST[bWSZVTW[c`S`TZ[[^W`SZ`c[_`SZVS^VVWb S` [Z_" _ _cS`cWWSZT_S\ZYbS^ST`" ([c)[[V _`W[^S [VW O W[^S[VWYW`_TW``W^S_SY[[V[VWX[^`WV _`^ Ta` [Z[X_S\W \^[\[^` [Z_S_`W_S\W_ WYW`_T YYW^" O 6a_`[cT Y[XS_S\WV[cWZWWV _c _[[ZTW^WbWSWV* O __a\` [Z_SZV[ZV ` [Z_ 4 [_`[VW_S^Wa_WXa[ZcWZ_\WU X US__a\` [Z_S^W`^aW" 4 W^WS^W`c[S__a\` [Z_ Z`WUS_W[X`W[VWX[^`WV _`^ Ta` [Z[X _S\W\^[\[^` [Z_ WZVW\WZVWZUW__a\` [ZW_S\WVbSaW_a_`TW ZVW\WZVWZ`[XWSU[`W^" WS\W W__a\` [ZW_S\W_ WZa_`TWS^YW WZ[aY" 4 __a\` [Z_S^WS^V[X`WZ \[__ TW`[UWU"S`_ccWS__aW `W" 4 ` cWZWWV`[UWUcW`W^`WS__a\` [Z_S^W^WS_[ZSTWTUWU ZY U[ZV`[Z_`S`\^[b VW 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[email protected]^W]a ^W_W__WZ` S`W_SWS__a\` [Z_cW_ScX[^[VW ZY \^[\[^` [Z_ 4 ZVW\WZVWZUW__a\` [ZW_S\WVbSaW_a_`TW ZVW\WZVWZ`[X WSU[`W^" 4 S\W W__a\` [ZW_S\W_ Wa_`TW_aXX U WZ`S^YW 2WUSZ`UWU`W_WV ^WU`Ta`cWUSZ` ZST[a`cW`W^`WZVW\WZVWZUW __a\` [Z _\Sa_ TW"2WUSZS_[UWU_[W^WS`WVU[ZV ` [Z_ 4 '[ZV ` [Z2WZ`W_S\W _V^ScZc `[a`^W\SUWWZ``W_S\W _ WZ_[aVTWZ[[^W`SZ'[X`W\[\aS` [Z" 4 @S^YWZ[aYS\W[ZV ` [[email protected][W_Z``Wa_[cS^YWS_S\W cWZWWV" [^Z[c[aZWWV`[` ZST[a`[a^_S\W_ W Z`WU[Z`W` [XcS`[aZ[cST[a``W\[\aS` [Z" a` [email protected]_S_`S``W_S\ ZYV _`^ Ta` [Z[XSZWSZ0[^\^[\[^` [Z1 _ S\\^[ S`W[^S" a`c UZ[^S[VW 4 [^\^[\[^` [Z_`W_S\ ZYV _`^ Ta` [Z _UWZ`W^WVS``W\[\aS` [Z \^[\[^` [Z a`cS`ST[a`_`SZVS^VVWb S` [Z_\[\aS` [ZWSZ WZ[^S[VWX[^`W_S\ ZYV _`^ Va` [Z[X`WWSZS_S_`SZVS^V VWb S` [ZW]aS`[ $ 9 3 W[^S[VWX[^`W_S\ ZYV _`^ Ta` [Z[X`W\^[\[^` [ZS_S_`SZVS^V VWb S` [ZW]aS`[ 56 56 $ 5 3 3 `SZVS^V^^[^ 2WZcWV[Z`Z[c\[^cW^W_`aU^ Y` 2WZWbW^cWW_` S`W`W_`SZVS^VVWb S` [Z[XS_S\ ZYV _`^ Ta` [ZcWUS `S _`SZVS^VW^^[^" [^S_S\W\^[\[^` [Z`W_`SZVS^VW^^[^ _ 56> $ 3 [^`W_S\WWSZ`W_`SZVS^VW^^[^ _ 56> $ 3
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