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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 The accounting concepts and conventions are based on years of practice and judgment. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are fool-proof. FRS 18 recognizes this fact, and it provided us with a conceptual framework to base our accounting standards on. In the previous paper I have explained some of the accounting concepts which we may have to deal with day in day out, but there are only two accounting standards that have been emphasized by FRS 18, which are Going Concern, and the Accruals Concept. The conceptual framework mentioned above is the theoretical basis for determining which events should be accounted for, how they should be measured and how they should be communicated to the user. Yet, prior to the ASB’s release of the Statements of Principles, the lack of a conceptual framework created some of the following problems, 1. Fundamental principles were tackled more than once in different standards, which have caused contradictions, ambiguity and as a result, affected the true & fair view of Financial Reporting. 2. In the USA for example, the highly detailed number of standards created a set of rules rather than general principles. As a result, a basis now exists for reducing the no. of alternative accounting treatments permitted by accounting standards and company law. Furthermore, the problems tackled or associated due to the lack of a conceptual framework are now avoided. Although, many argue that the release of the statement of principles doesn’t necessarily make things easier or clearer for its use
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