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Chapter 13

ANTH 203 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: Identity Politics

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ANTH 203
Naotaka Hayashi

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civil war
a violent conict within a particular state or between
corporate or identity groups within a state
communal representation
the political procedure of guaranteeing that groups
(ethnic, language, race, religion, etc.) will have
representation in government by setting aside oices in
the government for these groups
commonly used as a synonym for nation or state, but
refers to the territory a society or polity inhabits
dispersion of a social group from its historical homeland
(usually used in reference to the Jewish community)
ethnic group
a corporate group based on some shared cultural traits,
which nds itself in competitions with other groups for
wealth, power, opportunity, and recognition - shares an
identity/destiny, and competes as a group
identity politics
the organization and mobilization of groups and parties
on the basis of shared cultural characteristics, such that
these groups are seen to share an identity and to pursue
economic, political, and cultural goals for and in the
name of those who share the identity
multinational state
a state containing some or all of 2+ distinct cultural
multi-state nation
a nation or cultural group that is divided across two or
more state borders
a corporate group sharing an identity that recognizes a
shared political destiny, politically mobilized to achieve
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