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Chapter 2

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Chapter TwoTraits Trends and Taxonomy Box 21 The Notable NeocortexDistinguishing TraitsAllometric Scaling of Brain and Body Size Effects of Diet Life Histories and their Social Consequences Sexual Dimorphism Other Morphological TraitsStereoscopic VisionDistinguishing Features of the Hands and FeetThe Collarbone and Arm MobilityTeeth SystematicsTaxonomic ConsiderationsMajor Taxonomic Groups Prosimians AnthropoidsNew World MonkeysOld World MonkeysApes Box 22 Fundamentals of Food Processing Cladistic AnalysisPhylogenetic Analyses of BehaviorEvidence Related to DietEvidence Related to Ranging PatternsEvidence Related to Mating SystemsEvidence Related to Dispersal PatternsThe material in this chapter is closely integrated with the lectures on the Primate Pattern and on the lectures and video titled Survey of the Primates although there are some differencesBox 21 Describes a study that sought to determine if the large brains of primates evolved primarily in response to ecological dietary or social pressuresThe study found larger neocortex ratios in primates with larger social groups and grooming networks in a sample of 25 different primate speciesThis material is covered later in lectures on cognitionYou are responsible for it on the final exam but I wont ask questions specifically on this Notable Neocortex study on term test one Strier starts the section on Distinguishing Traits by saying that the traits that distinguish primates from other animals fall into 4 major categoriesYou will notice right away and need to know that these are not the same 4 categories that are presented in lecturethis
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