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ANTH 311
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Chapter OneIntroduction to Primate StudiesPrimates as Study Subjects Descriptive StudiesAnthropocentric PerspectivesComparative BiologyEarly Classification Schemes Activity Patterns Diets Habitat Use and Ranging Group Size Social and Reproductive UnitsField and Captive StudiesBox 11Clues from Captivity Evolutionary Models and ProblemOriented StudiesSociobiology and Behavioral EcologyTesting Predictions about Behavioral Adaptations LongTerm Field Studies and Individual Variation Comparisons among Species Other Units of Comparison Niche Construction and PhenotypicConservation ApplicationsMany terms and concepts are introduced in the chapter which is an introduction to the whole field of primate behavioral ecology researchMany of these terms and concepts are covered in more detail later in the book and lecturesFor example table 12 will be discussed again later in the lectures on Primate Social Groups and Conservation Applications are discussed in much greater detail in the last week of class and the last chapter of the book Thr
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