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Chapter 3

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Chapter ThreePrimates Past to PresentEvolutionary History Primate Diversity in the PastPrimate OriginsBiogeography and BarriersMiocene Monkeys and Apes Pliocene HighlightsBox 31 Mosaic Nature of Human EvolutionPleistocene GlaciationsHolocene Interpreting Diversity TodayIntraspecific VariationLocal Population Variability The Status of Hybrids Box 32 Hybrid Baboons The Status of New Species Box 33 Lucky LemursImplications for Primate Behavioral Ecology For the most part the material in this chapter is not covered in class but you need to know itImportant concepts in understanding primate evolution are introduced such as adaptive radiation allopatric speciation plate tectonics and continental driftthPLEASE NOTE On page 60 of the 4 edition in the section on Evolutionary History Strier briefly describes the Hurricane Iris in Monkey River Belize as an example of the kind of impact that natural disturbance has on primate groupsThis is described in much greater detail in lecture and you should be familiar with the details not covered in the textAlso the book indicates that
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