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Chapter 6

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Chapter SixFood and FemalesFood QualityEnergy and NutrientsDigestibility and Edibility Physical Deterrents Chemical DeterrentsBody Size Energetics and Turnover RatesBox 61 Forest PharmacyReproductive Energetics The Spatial Distribution of FoodPatch Size and Feeding EfficiencyEffects of Patch Density on Ranging Patterns The Temporal Availability of Food ResourcesBehavioral Adjustments to Food SeasonalityBox 62 The Power of FoodReproductive Seasonality Interpreting Diets and Their Behavioral CorrelatesEvaluating Critical FunctionsEffects of Altered HabitatsStrier begins this chapter with a description of how a muriqui group starts their day in pretty much the same fashion as all wild primates by foragingForaging includes looking for handling processing and actually eating foodSome primates spend up to 50 of the day foraging for food Understanding the diet and foraging behavior of primates is the key to understanding many aspects of their anatomy behavior and social organizationThis is particularly true for female primates as food is often considered the key factor limiting female reproductive successF
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