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Chapter 4

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ANTH 311

Chapter FourEvolution and Social BehaviorNatural SelectionSources of Genetic Variation Variation among IndividualsMutationsMechanisms of InheritanceSexual Reproduction and Mating PatternsBox 41 MHC Genes and Mate Choice Variation within and between PopulationsRandom Genetic DriftGene Flow and DispersalGenetic versus Environmental Influences Testing Evolutionary Hypotheses for BehaviorProblems with Comparing Fitness among PrimatesIdentifying Optimal TraitsBox 42 MenopauseGenerational Time Lags and Changing Environments Evaluating the Role of Ecological Pressures Kin Selection and Reciprocal AltruismAltruism and the Challenge of Group SelectionBox 43 Multilevel SelectionSelfish Benefits of Helping Kin Hamiltons Rule Evidence for Kin Selection Among Primates Evaluating the Evidence for Kin SelectionBenefits of Helping Nonkin Conditions for the Evolution of Reciprocity Evidence for Reciprocity among Primates Evaluating the Evidence for Reciprocity Individual Strategies and Social OrganizationConflict and Cooperation Among SameSexed IndividualsConflicts between the Sexes This chapter begins with a story of a female attempting to aid a young baboon male who was under attack from a hyenaFrom here the chapters turns to the theoretical frameworks that we use to try to understand complex and puzzling behavior patternsThe section on Natural Selection starts with a brief introduction to natural selection which was the mechanism of adaptation and evolutionary change identified by Charles Darwin Natural selection will also be explained in classA key point to understanding natural selection is that it can only operate on variation that already exists among individuals in the populationIt cannot create a new variation like a different shape of beak or a longer neck it can only select for individuals with those variations that are already presentThe first topic within the section on Natural Selection is thus dedicated to explaining some basic genetics and principles of inheritance to help you understand
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