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Chapter 5

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1Chapter FiveEvolution and SexSexualSelection Sexual DimorphismPhylogenetic ConstraintsEcological Constraints Mating PatternsMating Patterns Where Females are Solitary The Case of MonogamyBox 51 Gibbon Games and Tarsier Tactics An Extreme Form of Polygyny Polyandry Ambivalent PolygamyMating Patterns When Females Live in Groups SingleMale Female Groups MultiMale Female Groups Extra Group Copulations Seasonal versus Aseasonal Breeders The Influence of Males on Females Female Mating StrategiesSperm and FertilizationFood and Safety from PredatorsAllies against AggressionParental InvestmentGood GenesSexual Signals Female Choice and the Unpredictability of Ovulation Sexual Swellings and the Female Dilemma Male Rank and Reproductive Success The first two sections of this chapter Sexual Selection and Sexual Dimorphism are covered in class as well Here Strier suggests that sexual dimorphism evolves by male competition or male coercion whereas you will notice that in l
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