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Chapter 7

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ANTH 311
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Chapter Seven Female StrategiesEcology of Female RelationshipsTypes of RelationshipsWithin and Between Group Competition Social Dynamics in Female GroupsMatrilocal SocietiesBox 71 Mysterious Matrilines and Market Theory Rank InheritanceRelations among FemalesRelations with Males AgeRelated Rank Relations among FemalesRelations with MalesLife Without Kin Gaining Group Membership Autonomous InterestsAggregations around MalesAvoidance of MalesManaging Males Population Consequences of Female StrategiesHabitat Fragmentation and Saturation Effects on Philopatric Females Effects on Groups of Unrelated FemalesReproductive ImplicationsManipulating Sex RatiosThis chapter begins with a statement of how much of a female primates life time is dedicated to reproduction pregnancy and lactation and how important social relationships of females can be to the reproductive success of each female Understanding female social relationships is complicated Female competitive and cooperative strategies a
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