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Chapter 9

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Chapter NineDevelopmental Stages Through the Life CycleFertilization to Birth InfancyMaternal CarePaternal CareAlloparental CareBox 91 Parental Prolactin Weaning Conflict Juvenile ChallengesStaying Alive Age Size and Sex ExperienceSocial Skills LongTerm Bonds SexBiased Dispersal Puberty Adulthood and Aging Population Consequences of Life Histories This chapter describes the life cycle of primates covering some of the same material covered in the Life Course lecture with an emphasis on sex differencesIt begins Fertilization to Birth with a description of how the sex of primates is determined by whether the sperm is bearing an X or a Y chromosome in comparison with some other animalsBe sure to know the meaning of the terms in bold such as heterogametic homogametic primary sex ratios and secondary sex ratios The rest of the chapter is straightforward considering Maternal Paternal and Alloparental care of infants then Weaning Conflict predicted by parental investment theory and then the challenges faced by Juveniles Think about What are some of the benefits to those pr
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