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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10Communication and CognitionComponents of Communication Systems Modes of Primate CommunicationTactile CommunicationVisual CommunicationOlfactory and Gustatory CommunicationVocal Communication Species Recognition Within and Between Group DistinctionsLong Distance Calls Close Range Calls Ontogeny Intentional or Involuntary Information Sharing CognitionLearning and ImitationEcological Intelligence Spatial Memory Tool UseSocial Intelligence Alliances Tactical Deception Social Traditions Implications for the Ethical Treatment of PrimatesBox 101 Rehabilitation Reintroduction and SanctuaryThe organization of this chapter and the information that it contains closely parallels the lecture material on Communication and Cognition and is quite straightforwardIn the introductory comments Strier discusses the importance of primate communication in understanding their social behavior and their cognitive abilitiesThe sections on Components of Communication Systems and Modes of Primate Communication are straightforward and parallel the lectures be careful not to confuse the components with the modes just because there are 4 of eachHowever Strier includes gustatory taste along with olfactory smell because these two systems are difficult to distinguishThe book also includes a more complete discussion of Vocal Communication including the importance of a vocalizatio
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