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ENGG 349
Craig Johansen

Chapte12,roblegn ::Y"i'#. j"1.Tij#1;:,1###.l' * il*"aj @ t2f - fl - ,ns4r.r.5dj esN-OT-?{ACa+) ef -SAe A: --> fn^/'r zS;na T u f-Fot ' i-:1-* T -af : -lrna'zl'a -1"htu -f'= b-4.> /Lo 6cnb',il'tzGo 'rf+ a"o' &sN -Q(toar') =?'s S QOA-\-?'s 64 =^J a-A = o o"1*bt a':-oqS*1fl 0 v=.)<1 at< VB = o-Ltts &'^) V;= 0.4o4('*) O'SLtsrnls++K q*" Xrlr =(ytif" t + * ff** hPCIkr af.ar+ at6 -Qrn 3 (frq -rC_.rq9 = Sonrr (oor) 6q-f q =- [email protected] li ^uJtc'er)o:-r1^fat sit''3.o h f\, 5lz ; ci.4q *tr" {+-) zFx . F.{, -wl9n^) : {vtpcul60e + \ A'1b\>'o "1,1..h {*w.lq CA ( -\att 'iFXaf c'{cvatcvasn?*o) =-nrtfaqSn'l^""1'u os (-ath -at c-5?c13sinz,o) #*l(4.1p,2o,i 92t) gc,,:i^ a{ 2 O3Scrilb *JsinTc,,rt^"tr LepinLiUriversofCalgary CPnr> 4sin O'cC'') 2012 ENGG3L0l-04week OctobIr 4= c(.e r.-b1 4,,* >+ T.hJ .i: a+r ;Fr --nraAn h/:'-tur"3 [.|-rfia --T - .a1k,Un : fql^i^ ua 1$\fl,t;k.of -.---""*\"-'- *. ,q^-hL{Udry1 1-^:}r.,cu)r&^ C -J-.N. 'Tq- e-+ I \ Tc^ T ---=iq \ ilWo .-zrSr-ilq_ l6 l' rBA o IY(sq \/ 1' las's \ '1 _--) ts: ZF\ : flnecdu ) -{t".-t'"',,"uicS ( Cs.1.+",D J* =IAg^ at J *+a* : &ruhr/^h+ Xa +2Ytz 4 Yc'Oo^rt A: rh G* ,'Ttr,,ts tAc n N+ CL\+&a-r+ r' fflgau *T:yt{rNc fta)Qc iCr"ra:Ct. -4tn 1 V "[\oG& = N* -&T r 7J h n aa {allNA c {V' =T -_ff1eee {fuLrN rAffiI Sao + o'd (q3) : loac "io-J 0r1) 0\Jga\ 'rqr sa4 -Loar = ,a0% -oa(t) 1 a : e\13 *I:,tAtN+ t\A: \-ru\s,\ih + ? t.e -&h\ + T'-ztrN.*\o fit n^,\ \rhb) vlr a o,w = A.:Lffd. ry89 =?44%jr)+ffiu. l^"{ tnc aT- 9-o q lqc'a-.ql-*,=t1'o) \) + = -T =-(5G Q, ^T: ,^. "t '\='"t'' iq Chapter 12,Problem 33 /N*u Block B omass 10kg rests shown ontheupper surfacofa22-kg wedge l.Knowing thathesystemis releasfromrest anneglecting Uc .,' frictiodetermine(a)the acceleratiofB, (b)the velocitof B relatitoA at = 0.5s. \2- {\ 0-\ r\atr XL x{ -fi^ AA : Nasiq3o -lilae do!'lo "rr, - ;r Nnp = +Ul ,,"n n iag^. - ,i,.t fA^ 3d'-) /,/' Crr 9o C.osID i\n&r v-( r' cw --Qo/n aa ,,'*---'- lxr + .s\+ - ^mEe* c't''w 5F( yrlbAU/a 'rrr*-hoo*r.&N+tr -rlgcoEco tw' NrP '-clns''n Ngg (9 = tokE Cclr"sr> 'SD) Ilt(Ri. ( a s-t'i{A-i e(rth"+,-t4 a : Oq --6"qoG*(r Y+ &o/a [email protected] J sinzD +aAc-.ot!^D = 7.i.1?3^lrr €l c,"i'c.rro"t ltt \ Au*r ^3 aa QeTa cos-:,-b W+ .-an[n E ti q dt,l3 ({S.'^ (.r t: a+4 *l)- qa 4 -.. so. !,r.1a""r' -t sin slnD p ' --- P * -:]"r.4 ; -4:17 i. 't'rt CraigJohansenUniversity of Calgary Chapter 12,Problem 36 Duringa hammerthrower'sacticswingsthe71-kg headof4 shown.Ifp=e0.93matand0=n60o, determine)the tension in wireBC,(b)the speofthehammer's head. v1;* c{0 n Cr\.L vw'te1pn'A.}c""*1 (P HraA _-to yo. dk fa I l- wA lEo - i.,} r ar.kfY r..r. .^-,h)*C0 D **; te\i$: 2\: c Tg e s)nGo -vun -- ..p** r5 < 8o'Y1p nr^' -\ - . on\ f .J"' ,I'* ER(:taCtA Jtc oorGb : fn-A!= t2 VA - "t3*(9 Craig Johansen:versityCalgary Chapter l2,Problem44 A child haviamzrsof 22kgsits on a swand iheldinthe positioshownby a secondchildNeglectinthemass ofthe swingdetermine ttensioinropAB (a)whilthesecondchild holds the swing withhis aflns outstretched horizontally, (Dimmediatelafter tswingis released. Q= zFy-o '- aT =5- J = \31.^J oo>7! lmflr-aa{-t+ct'Uq* V-O --\ f,,a*, =^,{=o 4.vn =o I T -Wc,as3$ _-D /- /r T =BB chJ \\, Yrnotr, Craig Johansen: University of Calgary o" du] -FNk rr6p/\s sVdd b +a s\^A q z'rlsil 'l*h;;i#;;:,'J., (Seesamp/ProblemZ.Ofor'idinnition oT?speedKnowing thatfr. racincastartskiddinF tcqlyewhentravelingspeedof_l_!Q_lq& determine)thbankingngle\ADftecoe_!fi-gfsiati€+ietioneen the tires and the track underc6iidifrothe minimugt-speed at whichthe same car could negcurve, that - r{n zFx j 'JllJtln *t,nd coJcr i---) ' rhq, \ IQ+J1rr64^ E'H -rnjsti'D H''",- tu)o & or.{}ty :\ s 0'[aV . N -\,Uc^r-tg v?los'. 6 N t Yhqc,ore =.Yit^g a) 0.1 "'';/n; cpd --le{i [-r T{ -o 0 :h "+€^^€ g = ts,lo -Z-vu)J*e --f \sin P3 o6't'{+is i\sr^it't:*a'tB ^d sino 4 o,U=f 5 ffit uJtQ -1*1 :03q t{ =/'lrN :) Ms =S P *s,n6 a/\ coi o I c) v"n elotcl tn) 1;$n+, f{ '74t n' *t*) : /N 'us= $ co\o -2nErin6 + V'= fiG'"'-'= sl'@ f O-9utt l/S s*no t t'2'3c"':[email protected] N ? !z l/SG\+lS =)&.Yl^^/h Craig Johansen:rsity of Calgary Chapter L2,Problem 60 A tumtable,4is builtntoa stageforuse in atheatrical production.tisobservedduringa rehearsalhata trunkB ,turt,osliden thetumtable0 safterhetumtablebeginso I .,.::::: roiate. r{ PT 51,^,k^U)-: Drgf-[brn =a\) f /,2 .N
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