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University of Calgary
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
ENTI 201
Norman Althouse

Human resources management: the process of hiring, developing, motivating, and evaluating employees to achieve organizational goals Human resource planning: creating a strategy for meeting future human resource needs Job analysis: a study of the tasks required to do a particular job well Job description: the tasks and responsibilities of a job Job specification: a list of the skills, knowledge, and abilities a person must have to fill a job HR Planning and Forecasting Forecasting an organizationʼs HR needs, known as an HR demand forecast, is an essential aspect of HR planning. This process involves two forecasts: 1) determining the number of people needed by some future time 2) estimating the number of people currently involved by the organization who will be available to fill various jobs at some future time. This is an internal supply forecast. Contingent workers: persons who prefer temporary employment, either part- or full-time Recruitment Internal Labour Market Follow a policy of promotion from within Most companies follow a policy of promotion from within and try to fill positions within their existing employees. If qualified job candidates cannot be found inside External Labour Market Find and attract qualified applicants from the external sources the firm, the external labor market must be tapped. Electronic Job Boards Recruitment: the attempt to find and attract qualified applicants in the external Advertising Search labor market. Firms Nontechnical, unskilled, and other nonsupervisory workers are recruited through newspaper, radio, and sometimes even television ads in local media. Job Fairs Open Houses Job fair: an event, typically one day, held at a convention center to bring together job seekers and firms searching for employees. Corporate open house: persons are invited to an open house on the premises of the corporation. Qualified applicants are encouraged to complete an application before leaving Technology is another popular recruiting method, such as online recruitment by the company or through a job board service such as Selection: the process of determining which persons in the applicant pool possess the qualifications necessary to be successful on the job Even is drug tests are positive, the applicant may still be hired. If addiction is the problem, they will be treated under the new employerʼs benefit plan Selection Interview: an in-depth discussion of an applicantʼs work experience, skills and abilities, education, and career interests Brief interview 30 min or less employee orientation on-the-job Types of Training and Development job rotation apprenticeship mentoring !"#$% programmed instruction '()* $+,-.-./* simulation Copyright © 2011 by Nelson Education Ltd. 16 Training and Development: activities that provide learning situations in which an employee acquires additional knowledge or skills to increase job performance Orientation: training that prepares a new employee to perform on the job; includes information about job assignments, work rules, equipment, and performance expectations, as well as about company policies, salary and benefits, and parking On-the-job training: training in which the employee learns the job by doing it with guidance from a supervisor or experienced coworker Job rotation: reassignment of workers to several different jobs over time so that they can learn the basics of each job Apprenticeship: a form of on-the-job training that combines specific job instruction with classroom instruction Mentoring: a form of on-the-job training in which a senior manager or other experienced employee provides job- and career-related information to a protege. Programmed instruction: a form of computer-assisted off-the-job training Simulation: a scaled down version or mock-up of equipment, process, or work environment Performance Planning and Evaluation Job expectations are communicated as job objectives, schedules, deadlines, and product quality requirements. As an employee performs job tasks, the supervisor periodically evaluates the efforts via a performance appraisal. Performance appraisal: a comparison of actual performance with expected performance to assess an employee;s contributions to the organization Compensation and Benefits Compensation is closely connected to p
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