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University of Calgary
Management Information Systems
MGIS 317
Ronald Schlenker

Chapter 5: stakeholders in a business Who are the stakeholders? Stakeholders are people or group of people who can be affected by and therefore have an interest in any action by an organization. These are the stakeholders, their roles, their rights and their responsibilities. Stakeholder roles Rights responsibilities Customers 1.Purchase goods and 1. To receive goods be honest – pay services and services that meet for goods 2.Provide revenue local laws regarding 2.not to steal from sales, which health and safety, 3.not to make false allow the business to design, performance, claims about poor function and expand etc. service, under- be offered performing goods or replacements, repairs, failed items compensation in the event of failure of the product or service suppliers goods and be paid on time – supply goods and services to allow the as laid down either by services ordered by business to offer its law or by the service the business in the products to its own agreement time and condition as customers be treated fairly laid down by the by the purchasing purchaser contract business Employees 1.provide manual and be treated within be honest other labour services the minimum limits as meet the to the business to established by law conditions and allow goods and be treated and requirements of the services to be provided paid in the ways employment contract to customers described in the cooperate with employment contract management in all most counties, to reasonable requests be allowed to join a observe the trade union if desired ethical code of conduct Local community 1.provides local be consulted cooperate with services and about major changes the business, where infrastructure to the that affect it reasonable to do so, business to allow it to (expansion plans) on expansion and operate, produce, sell 2.not to have the other plans within legal limits community´s lives meet reasonable
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