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Management Studies
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MGST 391
Ahmad Ali Sohrabi

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Chapter 1 : Objectives of Organisation Introduction to Strategy Strategy: “ Course of actions, including specification of resources required, to achieve a specific objective” Influences on /Determinants of Strategy:  External o Society o Organized groups  Nature of business o Market situation and conditions o Products of company o Technology used  Organization’s Culture o Organizational system and structure o Leadership style o Organization’s history o Organization’s founder  Stakeholders’ powers (mapping) and Internal coalition  Economic objectives  Social responsibility Environmental conditions affecting Strategic Planning: 1. Resources (mineral) 2. Disaster 3. Logistics 4. Government Environmental Management Accounting is a solution: examples are 1. Eco – Balance 2. Cleaner Technology 3. Lifecycle assessment 4. Performance appraisal 5. Budgetary planning and control 6. Corporate liabilities (a factor in PERT) Characteristics of Strategic Decision: Scope: Overall long-term direction. Matching:
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