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Chapter 3

MKTG 341 Chapter 3: Sustainable Mktg, Social Resp. & Ethics

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MKTG 341
Xianfang Zeng

Chapter 3: Sustainable Marketing, Social responsibility & ethics • Considers both future customer & company needs Sustainable Marketing = socially & environmentally responsible marketing that meets the present needs of consumers & businesses while also preserving or enhancing the ability of future generations to meet their needs • Satisfying consumers’ immediate needs & desires doesn’t always serve the best interests of either customers or business Social Criticisms of Marketing Marketing’s Impact on Consumers • High prices (cost of distribution, advertising/promotion costs, excessive mark -ups) • Deceptive practices (more perceived than actual value) • High-pressure selling (persuading to buy unwanted things) • Shoddy, harmful, unsafe produ cts (poor product quality/function) • Planned obsolescence (causing products to become more obsolete before requiring replacement) Marketing’s Impact on Society as a Whole False Wants & Too Much Materialism • People are judged by what they own not who they a re • “Rampant consumerism” • Our wants & rallies are influenced by marketers, family, peer groups, religion, cultural background, & education (also influenced by larger courses like economy) Too Few Social Goods • Overselling private goods at the cost of public goods, results in “social costs” (ex. Cars = traffic congestion, gas shortages, air pollution) • Options for restoring balance o Make producers bear full social cost of operations o Make consumers pay for social costs Cultural Pollution • Constantly being assaul ted by marketing & advertising • Respond to “pollution”, by attempting to target communications as much as possible Marketing’s Impact on Other Businesses • Marketing practices can harm other companies & reduce competition • 3 problems: acquisition of competito rs, marketing practices that create barriers to entry, unfair competitive marketing practices • Claim harming competitors rather than improving own products Consumer Actions to Promote Sustainable Marketing Consumer Activism st • 1 consumer movement 1900s, fu elled by rising prices • 2ndconsumer movement mid-1930s, sparked by upturn in consumer prices during Great Depression • 3rdconsumer movement 1960s, consumers better educated, products more complex/hazardous, people unhappy with institutions o Ralph Nader (writing about business wastefulness & unethical practices) o John F. Kennedy ▯ consumers have right to safety, be informed, to choose, & be heard • Sellers’ rights *pg. 93 Consumer Activism = organized movement of citizens & government agencies to improve the rig hts & power of buyers in relation to sellers Environmentalism = organized movement of concerned citizens, businesses, & government agencies to protect & improve people’s current & future living environment • Environmentalists not against marketing, want people & organizations to operate with care for environme
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