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SOCI 325
John Manzo

From the readings in LindenHackler on Merton and on Reducing Crime by Changing the Behavior of the Elite pg 346Figure 101 Morality curve pg 347 LOOK AT THISMinor nasty acts are much frequent than very serious unethical actsShoplifters are more common than serial killersFrequent crime on commercial activities thus more focus on these violationsStebbins on agents of social control Chapter 13Agents of social control are members of society who help check deviant behavior cops judges lawmakers prison personnel etcMoral entrepreneurs make certain laws the infraction of which constitutes as deviantRules are the product of someones initiative The prototype of the rule creates is the crusading reformerMoral entrepreneurs Someone who defines new rules and laws or who advocates stricter enforcement of existing lawsThey enforce legislated rules applying them to people who misbehaveDupont on left realism Chapter 10Left realism first emerged in BritainCoined to encompass both instrumentalists and structuralistLeft realists also criticize what they describe as conventional or orthodox criminologyL Realists maintain that for conventional criminology crime is simply antisocial behavior involving people who lack valuesLeft realists emphasize the need to examine the square of crime that is the relationship between the offender the victim police and the publicL Realism emerged in Britain as a response to the perceived failure of other types of criminology and pay attention to streetcrimes also described as working class crimeL Realists argue that victims of most crimes tend to be most vulnerable segments of the community and crime is disproportionately distributed amongst the working class and racial minoritiesCrime is really a problem of the working class
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