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U OF GANTH 1150UnknownFall

ANTH 1150 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Biological Anthropology, Androcentrism, Feminist Anthropology

OC265966 Page
6 Oct 2013
The anthropologist becomes an ethnographer by going to live among the people under study. Personally experiencing their habits and customs and understa
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U OF GANTH 1150UnknownWinter

ANTH 1150 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Homo Heidelbergensis, Multiregional Origin Of Modern Humans, Encephalization

OC265966 Page
13 Mar 2013
In the course of evolution, humans came to rely increasingly on learned behaviour as an extremely effective way to adapt to the environment. Humans bec
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U OF GANTH 1150UnknownFall

ANTH 1150 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Linguistic Description, Siouan Languages, Language Change

OC265965 Page
6 Oct 2013
The study of humankind in all times and places. Anthropologists seek to produce reliable knowledge about people and their behavior, about what makes th
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