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Chapter 2

ANTH 1150 Chapter 2: chapter 2

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ANTH 1150
Tad Mc Ilwraith

Chapter 2 In this chapter Barker talks about the ways in which the people of the village of Uiaku make a living. Mildred a local woman makes tapa a form of beautiful coloured fabric made from the wuwusi tree, which is fast growing. To turn the tree bark into the fabric requires quite a lot of work and time. In the wet season these women walk in ankle deep mud to their trees and in the dry season the path is hard as rock. The fabric is used for both men and womens clothing with the thicker cloth going towards the males loin cloth. -It takes years of practice to tell by eye when the tress are ready to be turned into the tapa. The men make the tools used to beat the bark off the tree, these tools include a form of rock mallet, although there are more modern tools that some of the women use such as metal mallets. This process takes a long time as it requires beating and removal from the tree and then it must be dried to eliminate the risk of mold growth. The men hunt for the food that will sustain their tribe and also build the huts in which they live. The main point to take form this chapter is the importance of reciprocation of labour and gifts, as each member shares their meals with their neighbours even though most households have the same diet and therefore the same meal. It is looked down upon to not share what you have with those around you. The labour is another form of sharing as when one man is building a new roof for example then all the local men are expected to
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