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Chapter 3

ANTH 1150 Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Barker

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University of Guelph
ANTH 1150
Tad Mc Ilwraith

Chapter 3: The Social Design John Barker is a Canadian anthropologist, and author of the ethnography Ancestral Lines; The Maisin of Papua New Guinea and The Fate of The Rainforest. Chapter three, deals with the idea of gender roles and how from a very young age children in the Maisin village of Uiaku are put in these roles, and furthermore looks at how the children are brought up and some of the parenting methods that Barker saw first hand while living there. Also the chapter looks into kinship and descent, and marriage. Gender Roles and the Upbringing of Children  From a very young age the Maisin children are put into gender roles, starting much early with females. Upbringing of a child  The Maisin people believe that a ‘moral’ person is somebody who interacts with other people and shares what they have, therefore if a child is refusing to share food, or grabs it, usually get told the phrase “saa tamatan ka” meaning “not human”.  In that sense a newly born baby is not “socially human” because it doesn't know yet the basic social conduct that the Maisin follow.  Also the Maisin people believe that a newly born child is considered very vulnerable to attacks from spirits because its soul is not fully attached to its body.  A tradition every time a baby is born is the Maisin will take the Umbilical cord and placenta, wrap it in tapa cloth and put it up a tree, if these are eaten by animals it is said that the child will not grow healthy and will suffer from madness.  Also the person who takes the items to the tree must return by the same path acting as a spiritual guide for the baby.  After a week, if all goes well the baby is carried out into the garden on a pillow in a string bag and for every fork or cross road the mother finds on the way to her garden, a token is placed to help the baby’s spirit find its way home.  These tokens are the first examples of a gender role, it the baby is a girl the token will be grass rings, which symbolizes the straps used to carry firewood  And if it is a boy it will be crosses sticks which represent a spear.  From a week old we can see that there is already a gender role/ stereotype placed on the children saying that the girl will gather and the boy will hunt.  T he baby is said not to be ‘fully human’ for a time upwards to a year, in this time the baby will actually remain nameless, for to name your baby is to have confidence he/she will survive/ be healthy.  The Maisin tend not to instruct their children a
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