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Chapter family and marriage

ANTH 1150 Chapter Notes - Chapter family and marriage: Bilateral Descent, Equals Sign, Unilineality

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ANTH 1150
Tad Mc Ilwraith
family and marriage

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ANTH 1150- Family and Marriage
- Families exist in all societies and they are part of what makes us
- societies around the world demonstrate tremendous variation
- rights, responsibilities, statuses, and roles in families:
o The concepts of status and role are useful for thinking about the
behaviors that are expected of individuals
o status is any culturally-designated position a person occupies in
a particular setting
o Role is the set of behaviors expected of an individual who
occupies a particular status
o Statuses and roles also change within cultures over time
- Kinship and Descent
o Kinship is the word used to describe culturally recognized ties
between members of a family.
o includes the terms, or social statuses, used to define family
members and the roles or expected behaviors associated with
these statuses
o also ilude hose ki, ho hae o foal lood o aiage
ties, but consider themselves to be family
o kinship system refers to the pattern of culturally recognized
relationships between family members
o patrilineal descent: the paternal line of the family, or fathers and
their children
o matrilineal descent defines membership in the kinship group
through the maternal line of relationships between mothers and
their children
o both are considered unilineal because they involve descent
through only one line or side of the family
o Bilateral descent is another way of creating kinship
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